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Art direction and design for new collections of a fast fashion company with clothing and accessories sold in over 15,000 stores globally.

BESTSELLER is a diverse fashion house with more than 20 different brands, and one of the largest employers in Denmark. With a great new brand Y.A.S ready to launch, BESTSELLER needed art direction and sharp graphic design for several new collections. Black conceptualized and designed visuals and print materials to showcase the beautiful and stylish women’s clothing.

Positioning, Art Direction, Design

Taking on new challenges

During 2015-2016, Y.A.S. need help to position two of their new clothing lines. SIMPLY Y.A.S. and Y.A.S. SPORT. With the SIMPLY line focused on essential, affordable items and the SPORT line on durable, active wear, Black effectively positioned both offerings with a fashion centered approach. Black helped Y.A.S. make a contemporary statement, highlighting individual expression and style-assured looks.

Fusing these lines signifies their tone; a fashion approach centered on making a contemporary statement through individual expression and style-assured lookbooks.
All items were developed and designed starting with the concept that it would reflect a passion for great tailoring, lavish fabrics, contemporary lines and shapes. The design approach infused the unique Y.A.S. collections with a feminine feel and a touch of edge and understated coolness.

“In our collaboration with Black, we found them to have a rare understanding of both branding and creative development. Everything from the first thoughts, the creative process, to the actual product has been a part of our foundation and further development of Y.A.S as a brand. We give our warmest recommendations and would go back to the agency, anytime!”

Thilde Mynte Skovgård
Expression & Communication Responsible, Y.A.S


Anders Christiansen
Creative Director


Jonas Rasmussen
Art Director

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