Byens Rens

A new brand identity for a dry cleaner that stands out with exceptional quality and highly personal service.

Byens Rens provides a completely unique dry cleaning and laundry experience. It is for discerning customers who value quality and personal service. Black was asked to create an identity that reflected the experience.

Byens Rens
Brand Identity, Website, Art Direction
Createdbyblack_755x600_2020Createdbyblack_Byens Rens
Createdbyblack_755x600_2020Createdbyblack_Byens Rens

Standing Out In A Crowd

The creative team envisioned Byens Rens as a classic reimagined for a new era. Every touch point should take you on a journey back in time to personalized service and proven expertise. You have the confidence in knowing that your most cherished clothes are in safe hands, and given the care and attention they deserve.

To achieve this feel, we began with a modern green and classic gold colour universe. To this, we added a dynamic pattern formed out of the most iconic elements of dry cleaning: the laundry symbols. A reference to nostalgia, firmly focused on the expertise.

With a client that was willing to think outside the box, the rebrand has catapulted a business from being a local endeavour to grow to cover more than half the country of Denmark.

Createdbyblack_755x600_2020Createdbyblack_Byens Rens copy
Createdbyblack_755x600_2020Createdbyblack_Byens Rens copy

Anders Christiansen
Creative Director


Claus Julius Bjørneboe
Art Director

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