An identity and website for a new modular light and ceiling system that enhances well-being.

An innovative product that is developed by lighting consultants LIK Lighting, ceiling manufacturer DAMPA, designer Lars Vejen and product developer Erik Padkjær.

Identity, Website

Seven is the magic number

DOT is an evolution of the well-known 60×60 ceiling and light fixture and consists of three main elements which can all be combined in any desired design: A ceiling tile with a 25-hole grid, a lighting module with 7 illuminated holes and a perforated ceiling tile.

We took this element of the actual product and reverse engineered it into the graphic components of this identity. The logo is made out of 3 dots which synchronises very well with the name.

The 7 illuminated dots of the lighting module inspired us to the same pattern for a graphics element. This pattern can be used in many different ways across multiple platforms.


Inspired by Nature

For years, working and public environments have suffered from monotonous and uninspiring lighting. DOT is going to change that. By shedding a differentiated light and creating optimal acoustics, DOT has a positive impact on both human comfort and well-being.

The design of the product draws inspiration from one of the natural wonders: a starry sky. Like stars, lighting can be spread out across the ceiling, making a beautiful harmony of light and shadow in the room. The varying lighting stimulates the eye and contributes to a more pleasant environment to live, relax and work.

We wanted the identity to stimulate the exact same emotions. That is why the colors are very earthy and the look and feel doesn’t have too much contrast.

In the digital space we succeeded in implementing the identity very well and also create nice subtle transitions and effects, that sits nicely with the rest of the design.

See the website in action here dotdesign.solutions.


Charlotte Andresen
Managing Director, Denmark


Claus Julius Bjørneboe
Art Director

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