A new brand identity, name, and digital presence for one of the region’s leading last mile logistics and technology companies.

Since 2015, One Click Delivery Services has rapidly grown into a leader in the logistics space with innovative solutions that drive transformation and success. Many of the household names that businesses and consumers engage with on a daily basis are using their services every day. Black designed a new brand identity to match the vision, values, and success of the company as it elevates from regional player to the global stage.

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Reimagine and Reinvent

From the beginning of our engagement, it quickly became apparent that a simple brand refresh simply wouldn’t cut it. A complete reimagining and reinventing of the identity was needed, starting with a new name and tagline that reflect the client’s bold ambitions, dynamic ability to adapt, digital solutions, and people-first approach.

The name Lyve, a play on the word live, came to embody the continuous presence and connectivity that Lyve creates in both physical and digital realms. Beyond Delivery explains how we do so much more than what is traditionally called delivery – from tailor-made logistics technologies to advanced analytics.  The colour universe and visual identity focused on creating intimacy and impact, with a bold red primary color and a custom typography that inspires confidence and differentiates Lyve from its competitors.

“The Lyve logo is bold and dynamic. The graphic element over the left part of the ‘y’ underlines that we are introducing a new word, but if you look more closely, is a rider wearing a helmet, handing over a package with their hands.”

— Jonas Rasmussen, Creative Director, Black

Createdbyblack_Lyve_Logo – Arabic
Createdbyblack_Lyve - Messenger

One Click Delivery Goes Lyve

Our creative team worked closely with the leadership at One Click to create an identity that was extremely versatile – spanning hundreds of elements ranging from delivery vehicles to digital platforms – and marking a new stage on their growth trajectory.

“We are thrilled to begin this new era with a new name and identity that is as bold as our vision for the future. We loved the creative concept from Black that translated our vision and the work we have done together which has turned out to be a success.
The team is extremely professional and supportive and have been exceptional.”

— Krystel Oufi Hodroge, Marketing Director at Lyve

Lyve’s new digital presence features a customer-centric interface, designed to give users instant access to the wide range of services available and empower them to succeed with Lyve technologies and innovations. The call to action at each point is a simple question:

Are you ready to go Lyve?

Cheyenne Kamran

Cheyenne Kamran
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Jonas Rasmussen
Creative Director

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