A multilingual digital campaign for Microsoft using creative design and thoughtful copywriting.

Black took part in the design and production of digital assets and landing pages for the Microsoft Be You campaign.

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Microsoft – Be You Photoshoot
Microsoft Campaign in 4 Languages 47 Formats
Be You Campaign for Microsoft

Be You

The idea behind the campaign was that everyone can find a model that’s right for them. Do you want touch or keyboard or both? Creative solutions or complex numbers? Refined elegance or raw strength? Be You.

Black was tasked with the design and copywriting of digital assets for the campaign. The assets were executed in multiple languages and a number of placements. With tight deadlines looming, the client required high creativity and fast execution. Black delivered on both fronts. As a result, we were asked by Marvelous – a fellow Danish agency coordinating the project – to go onto creating the landing pages for the campaign.

With nearly two decades of experience in digital marketing, we understand the importance of an effective landing page. The team started with mapping out the visual communication strategy. Next, we designed the user interface and wrote the copy for the landing pages. The result exceeded the expectations of the client and received high praise from our partners. It was a pleasure collaborating with Microsoft and Marvelous.

Be You Campaign for Microsoft

Anders Christiansen
Creative Director


Claus Julius Bjørneboe
Art Director

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