One Moto

A new identity for an automotive brand set to lead an electric future.

Founded in 2016, ONE MOTO has broken ground in bringing personal electric mobility and commercial delivery solutions to the Middle East, with a range of avantgarde e-mopeds, bicycles, and scooters.

Black was tasked with shaping a single, global identity and narrative to lead the brand’s rapid growth and international expansion.

One Moto
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From The Past, Into The Future

ONE MOTO’s previous symmetric wing motif sat squarely within a universe of century-old automotive brands, all harking back to the golden age of internal combustion engines. But with a vision pointing towards a future of all-electric mobility, the creative team looked to move away from the Jaguars, Falcons and Mustangs of old – symbols of an age that run at odds with the zeitgeist of efficient, effortless mobility.

Inspired by nature, ONE MOTO’s new logo is a nod to the hummingbird in flight, the ultimate symbol of effortless electric efficiency, with the fluid, asymmetric design a symbol of motion towards a new electric-powered future.

One Moto Logo
One Moto Logo White
One Moto Datasheet
One Moto Business Cards

An Icon and Typeface Fit For Purpose

With a growing trend in flattening automotive icons for a digital age, Black  created two versions of the new icon – a flat version for digital applications, and a 3D icon for automotive and outdoor signage applications. 

Alongside the icon, the team developed a wordmark for each product. The bold new typeface is composed of selectively elongated letters giving each vehicle the impression of speed – even while standing still – leading to the team coining the phrase Emotion in Motion.

One Moto Ryda
One Moto Jebel

Positioning ONE MOTO For An Electric Future

Bringing all the elements of the identity together across digital channels, from the reimagined website optimising the customer journey, to the social media assets carrying the brand story. From the tiny SoMe icon to a massive billboard in downtown Amsterdam – the bicycling capital of the world – the identity works in all applications, and at all scales.

As the company embarks on a global expansion into new territories including the UK, India and Australia, ONE MOTO stands apart as a brand born in the electric age, with an identity to lead the brand into an electric future.

One Moto SoMe

Anders Christiansen
Creative Director


Claus Julius Bjørneboe
Art Director

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