Pro Petroleum

A new brand identity for one of the fastest growing, independent petroleum companies in the Western United States.

Pro Petroleum is an independent pipeline shipper, operating pipeline connected fuel storage and truck and rail loading terminals throughout the Western United States. Black was tasked to ideate and design a new brand identity that captured the vision and service-first approach of the company while clearly reflecting what they do.

Pro Petroleum
Brand Identity, Design

Designing The Future

Pro Petroleum got its start as a family owned company, but had grown quickly enough that a merger or acquisition was on the horizon. Pro’s original logo had been with them since the company was founded in the 1950s, but it no longer represented how sophisticated they had become as a company.

Our brief was to more clearly present the unique value of a company that had become a linchpin of truck, rail and pipeline transportation of petroleum products across the Western United States, while preserving the core elements of their brand identity to reflect how modern and diversified they had become over the course of 60 years in business.

Designing the future of a company requires an understanding of the customer base, competitive landscape and company priorities — and then developing the visuals for this vision by articulating a path to make it a reality. Two years after Pro Petroleum’s rebranding, they were acquired at a significant multiple of their present value.


Working With Symbolism

We decided to preserve the oil-drop, but re-created with several tiny arrows pointing in different directions. This presented a very unique identity that captured the logistical aspects of the company and more accurately represented what Pro Petroleum actually does.

Incidentally, Pro Petroleum sparked our interest in more US design work and made us realize that our way of thinking was needed.


Max Hamel
Creative Director


Claus Julius Bjørneboe
Art Director

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