Probity Strategy Consulting

A new digital and visual identity for a broad-based strategy execution and business matchmaking consultancy.

Since 2018, Probity has worked across industries in the MENA region, delivering strategy execution and delivering strategic outcomes to relevant partners and enabling scale into new territories.

Black was tasked with elevating Probity’s existing digital identity to align with the company’s core value proposition.

Probity Strategy Consulting

Reflecting the Calibre Behind the Brand

As customer touchpoints become increasingly digital, they are a critical component of a brand’s corporate identity. Probity’s existing website wasn’t serving its purpose of representing the quality of the team and the work they did. Black was engaged to digitally position Probity’s visual presence to convey their unique value proposition within the strategy consultancy realm.

Inspired by the need for clean and clear messaging, the new Probity website conveys a clear identity that clarifies Probity’s caliber and core values.

Built for Communication, Optimized for Performance

Beginning by creating a clear and direct narrative that captured Probity’s core strengths, the new website was designed around their exceptional capabilities in business matchmaking and strategic advisory. The clean mobile-friendly layout was optimized for information flow and performance, emphasizing direct communication and clear purpose.

Citing the website as a key to signing a significant government contract, the new website creates a discernible digital identity, positioning Probity for perpetual success.

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Anders Christiansen
Creative Director


Claus Julius Bjørneboe
Art Director

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