Seerup Optics

A new brand identity for an authentic optician in Kolding Denmark that really knows how to take care of his customers and their eyesight.

Seerup Optics is a provider of a prescription and designer glasses, sunglasses, and contacts. What sets Seerup a part is the experts on style and vision and the highly personal service offered to clients. Black was asked to design a brand identity that elevated Seerup to a trusted leader in style and vision.

Seerup Optics
Brand Identity, Art Direction, Marketing

Seeing Is Believing

The creative team selected a direction that would pay homage to the clichés without doing what every other player in the space was doing. Vision and glasses have been around for a long time, and the new identity had to feel professional and personal at the same time.

Seerup is an interesting name with two Es in a row. This posed a potential problem from a design stand point, as logos with two of the same letters next to each other don’t work as well. the solution was to take the Es and make them the highlight of the logo, what made the logo stronger. Now the two Es are also the icon and symbolize that it’s time to get your sight checked.

From there, we created a beautiful pattern of letters, inspired by the classic eye test, where you have to name the letters from a far. This is a good element that can be implemented in many ways but still be recognizable.

Once the visual identity took shape, the campaigns and additional elements arose naturally and looked remarkably different and better than any other of Seerup’s competitors.


Anders Christiansen
Creative Director


Claus Julius Bjørneboe
Art Director

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