We combine creative, strategy, digital and design thinking to shape identities that make an impact and drive results.

But isn't identity just a logo?

Design is not how
it looks, it’s how it works.

When people think design, they think it’s all about taste and aesthetics. In reality, form follows function. Anyone can design a logo or graphic. Few can design an identity that makes people feel and creates business value.

Design is done right only when it considers human, business, and technology contexts. And when design is done right, it gets out of the way and just works.

Identity exists to build trust and engage emotions.

Thousands of years of evolution have left us looking for things we can trust and things that feel real. Your brand identity is the collection of ideas, values, and elements that win over the minds and hearts of those you serve: your employees, your partners, and your customers.

The right identity goes beyond the elements. It has a deeper function that makes us trust it right away, feel comfortable with it, and connect with on an emotional level.

This is the core of your business.

When we create a new identity or refresh an existing one, we are shaping the core of your company. Core consulting doesn’t just work on resolving short-term symptoms, it sets the tone and direction for long term success.

The right core can lead to people wanting to work for you, work with you, and fall in love with your products and services. The visual logo is simply the manifestation of your identity.

Position yourself visually and strategically for relevance in the digital now.

In today’s fast moving hyper competitive world, staying relevant is a constant challenge. What worked five years ago, will not work today. In order to get the attention of your customers and meet their expectations at every physical and digital touchpoint, you have to invest in your identity. Those that invest in their identity to reimagine and strengthen it are set for relevance today and success into the future.

What kind of results are possible?

6x Increase in Sales

The new concept, visual identity, and product packaging of one of the UAE’s most beloved snacks led to an increase in sales and exports.

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Launch a Million Dollar Business

Starting with only an idea, Black helped isolés become a successful business with a strong identity and ongoing creative and strategy support.

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Three Decades of Relevance

Supporting the global growth of a major oil and gas player as they crated leadership and maintained relevance over 3 decades of work and support.

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Stronger Value Proposition

A new identity, creative direction, narrative, and digital presence positioned  the group for greater success regionally and global expansion.

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