Building A Better Mindset To Deal with Uncertainty

April 2020 — Insights

This week, Dr. Petar Stojanov was featured in Entrepreneur Middle East with an article on Building A Better Mindset To Deal With Uncertainty. The article provides a prescription for entrepreneurs, corporates, and governments in adopting a level of thinking and a class of ideas that become better in cases of extreme uncertainty.

“How might we survive in the present, reframing our current capabilities to create new present value? How might we look to the future to seek out the new opportunities that will inevitably emerge? How might we reframe an uncertain future into a strategic advantage?

— Dr. Petar Stojanov, Future Strategy Practice Lead at Black

The article highlights 5 ways to embrace uncertainty:

  • Become action-biased.
  • Build better anticipatory models.
  • Strap in for the long haul.
  • Find new paths to create value.
  • Reframe the narrative from uncertainty to exploration.
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