ONE MOTO Partners with Black to Design the Future of Electric Mobility

August 2021 — Press Release

The partnership marks the first major mobility rebrand in the region, setting a new standard on digitally-native brands in the sector.

Electric mobility company ONE MOTO and creative agency Black have entered a partnership to design the future of electric mobility.

This event marks the first rebranding of a major automotive brand in the region, setting a new standard on creative and digital in the mobility sectors.

ONE MOTO CEO Adam Ridgway made the call to team up with Black, a global creative and digital agency with studios in Copenhagen, Washington DC, and Dubai.

“ONE MOTO is embarking on a rebranding, reimagining a new future from over 100 years of internal combustion engines, propelling into a green future with silent, effortless mobility and zero emissions. We’re calling it ONE MOTO 2.0. With the three new vehicles currently in design and development, the rebrand is perfectly timed to ensure a pioneering corporate identity to lead our new modular fleet.”

— Adam Ridgway, Founder and CEO, ONE MOTO

A Converging Trend

Black’s Global Creative Director Anders Christiansen comments on a converging trend between cutting-edge companies and shaping identities and narratives for a digitally-native age.

“We’re excited to engage on this project with ONE MOTO. Many brands lead with a strong identity, but the team at ONE MOTO lead with a compelling product with unlimited global potential. With this rebrand, we’re embarking on defining mobility brands in an electric future.”

— Anders Christiansen, Global Creative Director at Black

With the aim of transforming city commuting and last mile delivery with a cleaner and more sustainable form of mobility, ONE MOTO aims to competitively differentiate itself in a field of established competitors. With an estimated 270 million motorcycles globally on the road today, the UN environment programme estimates 400 million motorcycles globally by 2050.

“Everyday in Dubai alone, we have 15,000 motorcycles on the roads delivering us food, pharmaceuticals, products, and packages, and these bikes produce 16,500 tonnes of CO2 each year. We aim to create the UAE’s first EV manufacturing plant, positioning ONE MOTO and the UAE on the global automotive manufacturing stage. We’re fully aware of the challenges of moving from a regional to a global mobility brand, and securing this partnership with Black supports our sustainable values, vision, and growth plan. ONE MOTO’s new identity is a key element of our global expansion.”

— Adam Ridgway, Founder and CEO, ONE MOTO

Securing their first customers in the UAE which includes Jumeirah Group’s Noodle House on a net zero carbon last-mile delivery ecosystem, Ridgway plans to take ONE MOTO globally, and has recently launched in 13 territories throughout India, signing a distribution agreement throughout Australia, with plans for a global expansion to 100 cities by 2025.

“The future of mobility is inevitably electric, and ONE MOTO is leading the charge of a new personal mobility paradigm, reimagining customer touchpoints and redefining a new mobility ecosystem. With this new identity, ONE MOTO is set to emerge beyond the existing mobility players, positioning the company on a firm footing to address the mobility challenges of the future.”

— Dr. Petar Stojanov, Innovation and Future Strategy, Black

Alongside the new corporate identity is a digital platform to access ONE MOTO’s products and service offerings, with the website expanded to include an international sales network for ONE MOTO’s global distribution partners. The new website has been reimagined to ensure an exceptional customer journey, with pre-orders being accepted on ONE MOTO’s eagerly anticipated new vehicles.

Official Press Release